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Cromology continuous improvement


Cromology is a leading multinational company in paint and varnish production for the construction industry, with 13 plants and 3,900 employees. The Cromology group directly distributes its prestigious brands – MaxMeyer, Baldini Vernice, Duco, Tollens, Settef, Cepro, Viero, MaxMeyerDIY, Mister Color, Lo Specialista Mister Color – to over 7,000 stores in 8 different countries and its products are retailed in more than 40 other countries around the world. An important pillar of the business is a network of 300 own stores dedicated to serving both the construction industry and the consumer DYI market.

Environmental sustainability in its production processes, eco-compatible products, and low VOC levels (Volatile Organic Compounds) represent three key hallmarks of Cromology Italy, which has always placed a priority on the protection of the environment.


Critical issues, problems, and objectives

Quality, technological innovation and research, and adherence to the highest environmental standards are primary objectives for Cromology Italy, which is committed to the delivery of products which not only satisfy the contracted requirements but also the implicit expectations of its clients.

Cromology has put in place an integrated quality/safety management system oriented to constantly improve performance in these two vital areas, and the company is certified in accordance with the current laws (ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001). The company is aware of the importance of staff training and provides structured tutorials in specific areas not only for its employees but also for interested users and clients.

After thorough discussions with the client, the agreed objective was to develop a computerized system and standard operating procedures to manage the business administration of this large international company. The priorities were efficiency and simplicity, developing protocols that would be intuitive for operators at all levels and that could be implemented in every part of the business (from production to sales) and in every country in the world where Cromology products are sold.



The company’s quality and safety systems were greatly improved by the introduction of a web software tool that has resulted in the more effective management of:

  • personnel, IPD and medical visits
  • maintenance
  • non-conformities and corrective action
  • control and monitoring of all processes and management of inspections
  • sample analysis at the pick-up point (e.g., analysis of wastewater samples in accordance with norms)
  • quality audits (in-house inspections), using a mobile app integrated with the management modules
  • the company’s canteens, through a mobile app and a dedicated module to manage the menu


Ongoing projects

Sinergest has designed a computerized system for the analysis of data from quality control inspections conducted by Cromology’s technicians on the premises of clients and potential clients, who can then access the findings in dedicated views. A mobile app for technicians is currently being developed.

About us

In view of our quite complex requirements, such as the integration of a document database with a portal dedicated to doctors, I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and efficacy of the proposed workflow solution, by the promptness of the interface, and by rapid implementation times of the project.

Lima Corporate S.p.a.
Fausto Sbaiz, Hip Project Manager

Our need was to have a simple and logical instrument that could enable us to manage the evaluation, qualification and monitoring processes to produce and make available a list of qualified suppliers for Coeclerici. We found Sinergest Suite to be a flexible product, that could be adapted to our particular evaluation criteria, but that at the same time was simple and complete.

Coeclerici S.p.a.
Fabio Torriani, Head of Management & Procurement Crew

Thanks to Sinergest’s support and competence, we were able to implement their software for our organization within the scheduled time frame despite the complexity of the project. Sinergest enabled us to make a big qualitative leap in the activities of systems management, guaranteeing our adherence to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22716:2007 requirements.

Chromavis Fareva S.p.a.
Alessandra Rostiti, Quality Assurance Manager

A real “leap” in the pursuit of efficacy and efficiency in the management of our company’s processes and relationships…  

IAS Register AG
Alessandro Ercoli, Administrative and Sales Marketing Manager

Over many years Sinergest has shown the reliability of its instruments and skills. Any problem has been solved with the support of their consultants without difficulties and for this reason we have always had full trust in them.

Oleificio R.M. S.p.a.
Francesca Rocchi, Management System Director

… the relationship with Sinergest born many years ago has turned out to be a winning relationship, characterized by a mix of expertise, tools and proactive collaboration, which allowed us to introduce a single integrated system for company processes management…

Cromology Italia S.p.a.
Daniele Ciullo Business, Technology Manager

The choice of Sinergest Suite for an organization such as the University of Pisa, with over 3500 employees, was dictated by the need for a management system to ensure work safety and health (compulsory by law), one that allowed constant control over training distribution and its related updates. The use of the E-learning system enabled us to involve every employee in a general training session of 4 hours, as required by the State-Region agreement, allowing our personnel the flexible use of the training platform (Time management, Stop and Resume, so that they can take the course whenever they want, etc…).

Università di Pisa
Elisa Chicca, Safety & Environment Office

As a result of the continuous growth in our company structure, both in terms of its workforce and improvements and/or expansion in plant, the need for a flexible tool to efficiently manage the requirements of ISO norms and the authoritative and legislative prescriptions became more and more urgent. Following analysis and elaboration by Sinergest consultants, Sinergest Suite proved to be the ideal solution for our company, a flexible and valuable tool that allows operators to handle the company’s data flow in a more rational way. In particular, through its notification system the due date register module has allowed us to ensure that the company conforms to all legislative requirements, with close collaboration among all the involved managers. In this way the Sinergest solution is contributing to our long-term goal of continuous improvement.

Waste Recycling
HERA Group
Elena Lapucci, Quality, Environment and Safety Management Systems Manager

The project relating to Research & Development enabled us, through the creation of an “ad hoc” module, to deal with the requirements of information and document sharing among all the functions involved in the various company plants. One of the most greatly appreciated aspects of Sinergest’s solution was the possibility of automatically forwarding alerts and notifications and thus guaranteeing the control of our activities. We have recently introduced some advanced tools for planning the phases of our research projects.  

Gruppo DESA
Lucia Pozzi, R&D Director

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